I specialise in web developement. Mainly php, css, html and javascript.
I have already finished a few big projects, which are listed below
I have no idea what to talk about here, take a look around if you so desire

Who I am

Hi, my name is Marcus.

In my spare time I do web developement. This has grown to be way more than just a hobby, but it isn't something that is going to keep me occupied for the rest of my life. Or so I think.

I've made quite a few contributions here and there for different projects related to various games. One being the website/forum theme for 2017mod, an ArmA 3 total conversion survival horror mod. I've also contributed to DayZAdmin and DayZStats for the Arma 2 DayZMod.

But what I'm probably known for is my projects in the Garry's Mod community, those being Prometheus and NeutronAdmin. I have also made a few smaller things including MetroLoad and the remote sticky bomb.

I have contributed to ScriptFodder v2. Making a lot of features v1 did not have, and improving on what ideas and features were already there. ScriptFodder v2 was a complete re-write from v1's code.



Prometheus is a donation system for the game Garry's Mod developed by me and Newjorciks. Since release over 600 communities now use it. More than $175 000+ has been processed through Prometheus and more than 30 000+ transactions has been made by 25 000+ players.

This is a big project, it was my first big one to be released to the public, and sold. Not only have I spent countless hours developing it but I've also listened to the customers through my own customly made support ticket system at PrometheusIPN.com.

Prometheus is quite huge now, and it's not even finished yet. I will keep adding features to it as long as Garry's Mod is relevant.


Neutron is an administration panel for the game Garry's Mod developed by me and Newjorciks. We released this after being overwhelmed by Prometheus' success.

There was a lack in administration panels of this type for Garry's Mod. Seeing an opportunity we started planning out what features we needed for such a system. We wanted it to be unlike any Garry's Mod administration panel ever made before. And it is.

Neutron offers a wide variety of controls and different levels of permissions and access to easily modify and hand out to your admins/moderators. Not only can you limit them command wise, but you can properly limited them permission wise as well. It supports any admin mod for Garry's Mod, name one and we support it.


ScriptFodder is a successful marketplace for Garry's Mod scripts. Users can post jobs and scripts. At the time of writing this, ScriptFodder has 30,000 users and over $500,000 worth of scripts bought.

Mine Arbeidstider (My work-hours)

Mine Arbeidstider is a company and employee management suite. "Mine Arbeidstider" translates to "My work-hours" and is a Norwegian system I am working on with Everyday Interactive AS. It will be available to Norwegian companies when done. Whether or not we expand internationally depends on a lot of things. But we are developing it with this in mind.


More about my skills coming later